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Warm up with A Tropical Brunch

The days are slowly getting longer, but it's still cold up here in Canada. Between snow storms and the holiday season being a distant memory it's no wonder we're dreaming of a tropical vacation! It may not be in the budget to fly to a dream destination, but it is easier than you think to get those tropical vibes. Grab your girls or beau and put together a simple but decedent brunch spread.

These are some of my favourite brunch items for easy going entertaining, everyone can help themselves and you get to relax and catch up with your friends and family:

Mimosas: OJ and champagne, so simple and so delicious.

Coffee: sooooo necessary

Assortment of bagels: love to have different options for my guests.

Dill cream cheese: goes perfect with smoked salmon, capers and lemons!

Waffles and/or sweet pastries: I always find it so hard to choose between sweet or savoury when it comes to brunch. With these options your guests will have a little taste of both. Who doesn't love options?

Fruit: Fresh fruit always hits the spot. Enough said.

This is one of my favourite easy peasy spreads for entertaining. There are so many good options for a tasty and stunning brunch spread. How do you do brunch at home? What is your favourite brunch food? Let me know below!


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Food Styling: Andrea Villneff,

Photography: Evan Bergstra,

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